Will You Work With My Warranty Company?

Excluservice’s Policy with Insurance, Extended, Aftermarket Warranty Companies.

We will be glad to contact your Insurance or your Warranty company to see if they will cover the repairs on your vehicle.

The administrative demands of working with 3rd parties are very time consuming and taxing on our resources. When we call them, we often get put on hold for 30 minutes or more, provide all of the findings on the vehicle along with all of the part and labor details.

In some cases they may send an adjuster out in order to verify the findings. When the adjuster arrives we have to stop work on another car in order to allow the adjuster to look at your car on a lift. Again, this is very time consuming.

We can no longer be the sole bearers of this financial burden.

Our administrative fees are $150 per hour.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Calling 3rd party payer
  • Working with the field adjuster/inspector
  • Filing supplements
  • Collecting payment.

This means any time that we have to spend when communicating or interacting with extended warranties will be billed at $150 per hour. 

As a gesture of goodwill we will discount the administrative fees by 10% of the total repair invoice. Example 1.  If we spend one hour of our time working with the warranty company = $150. The total authorized repair bill sans the admin fee ends up being $1500 or more; you would not have to pay the admin fee as the discount would cover the cost of the fees. Example 2.  We spend 30 minutes on hold and another 15 minutes going over the details and the warranty company denies coverage.  Should the client  not authorize the repairs then the client will be responsible for the $112.50 administrative fee in addition to any diagnostics fees assessed. The discount amount can not exceed the admin fee.  The fee is per visit and neither fee or discount can be carried forward or applied from prior or future visits.

Customer must authorize a $150 fee up front before any work is to be performed should the customer want us to work with their warranty company.

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