Loaner Vehicles

At Excluservice, we understand that vehicle repairs can be an inconvenience, and we strive to make the process as seamless as possible for our valued customers. To enhance your experience with us, we offer loaner vehicles for your convenience. However, due to the high demand for our loaner vehicles and our limited supply, we have established the following policy to ensure fair and efficient allocation.

1. Eligibility for Loaner Vehicles:

Loaner vehicles are reserved for customers with larger repair bills, which must meet a minimum threshold of $500. This threshold is in place to ensure that loaner vehicles are allocated to customers with substantial repair needs. Loaner vehicles are not automatically provided for all services but rather allocated based on the scope and duration of the repair work.

2. Reservation Process:

Customers are encouraged to inquire about the availability of loaner vehicles when scheduling their service appointment. Loaner vehicles are subject to availability and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Priority Allocation:

Priority for loaner vehicles will be given to customers with significant repair bills, taking into consideration the complexity and time required for the repairs. While we strive to accommodate all requests, availability is not guaranteed.

4. Limited Supply:

Please be aware that our loaner vehicle fleet is limited. We appreciate your understanding in situations where loaner vehicles are not available due to high demand or existing reservations.

5. Usage Guidelines:

Loaner vehicles are provided solely for the purpose of transportation during the repair period. They should be returned promptly upon completion of the repairs. Customers are expected to return the loaner vehicle in the same condition in which it was provided, and any damages or excessive mileage may be subject to additional charges.

6. Duration of Loan:

The duration of loaner vehicle use is determined by the estimated completion time of the repair work. Customers will be informed of the expected timeframe for return during the reservation process.

7. Alternative Transportation Options:

For customers who do not qualify for a loaner vehicle or when none are available, we can assist in arranging alternative transportation options, such as shuttle services or rental car recommendations.

8. Communication:

We aim to keep our customers informed throughout the repair process, including updates on the availability of loaner vehicles. Communication regarding loaner vehicle status will be provided during the service appointment scheduling and check-in process.

By adhering to this loaner vehicle policy, we hope to ensure fair and efficient access to these complimentary services for our valued customers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us provide the best possible service experience.

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