Expert Oil Leak Repairs for Renowned European Brands

At Excluservice, we understand the intricacy and sophistication behind every luxury European car. That’s why our skilled ASE-certified mechanics specialize in providing meticulous oil leak repairs for revered brands such as:

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- Check & adjust tire pressures - Test battery, starter, & alternator - Inspect exterior lights
When you should do it: A Brake Fluid Exchange Service is Recommended every 2 years. Why you should do it:

When You Should Bring Your Car in for an Oil Leak Repair

  • Visible Puddles or Spots: If you notice dark brown or amber puddles or spots on your driveway or parking spot after your car has been parked for a while.
  • Low Oil Levels: If you’re constantly having to top off your oil much more frequently than usual, or the dipstick shows a level below the minimum mark.
  • Smell of Burning Oil: An odor of burning oil when driving or after you turn the car off can indicate oil is leaking onto hot parts of the engine.
  • Smoke from Under the Hood: If you notice smoke coming out from the engine area, especially after driving, this may be caused by leaked oil coming into contact with hot engine parts.
  • Oil Warning Light: If the oil warning light on your dashboard illuminates, indicating that the oil pressure or level is too low.
  • Deteriorating Performance: If your car starts to run rough, or you notice decreased fuel efficiency, an oil leak affecting engine parts might be the cause.
  • Oil Stains Under Engine Area: Upon visual inspection, if you see oil stains, wet spots, or glistening areas around the engine, seals, or gaskets.
European Auto Oil Leak Repair


Trust the Excluservice Assurance

Reliability and transparency are at the core of every service we provide. Here’s the Excluservice promise:

  • Guaranteed Work: Enjoy peace of mind with our substantial 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.
  • Same-Day Service: We ensure rapid turnarounds with same-day service for most repairs.
  • Transparent Pricing: Say goodbye to hidden costs. We engage you in every step, ensuring all work is approved by you post-inspection.
  • Financial Solutions: Your vehicle’s optimal performance shouldn’t break the bank. Explore our financial options for your necessary repairs.

Keeping Your Life and Vehicle Moving

We’re dedicated to ensuring that your life remains uninterrupted, even when your vehicle needs attention:

  • Convenient Pickups & Deliveries: Your daily routine remains unhindered with our vehicle pickup and delivery services.
  • 24/7 Dropbox: Leave your car at any time that suits you with our around-the-clock dropbox.
  • Free Loaner Cars: Benefit from our complimentary loaner cars for qualifying repairs requiring an extended service period.
  • Complimentary Car Wash: Enjoy a refreshing car wash on the house with qualifying repairs.
  • Valet Services: Experience an added touch of luxury with our available valet services.

Fast, Reliable, and Elite – Excluservice is Your Ultimate Auto Repair Partner

Your luxury vehicle represents more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of your discerning taste and lifestyle. Here, at Excluservice, we mirror the excellence of your European car by providing services that are nothing short of exceptional. Trust us for your oil leak repairs, and experience unrivaled quality, precision, and customer-centric services that stand leagues above the rest.

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