Frequently Asked European Auto Repair Questions

What Is The Difference Between Excluservice And The Dealership?
There are many differences but the most important, is that at Excluservice, you are never more than one person away from the owner. In many cases you will be conducting business with the owner directly. Regardless he is always available.

All of Excluservice’s staff have been chosen with you the client/customer in mind. Additionally, they all answer directly to the owner as there is no middle management. This is important because the owner wants all his customers/clients to be happy with the level of service they receive. It is only by eliminating this middle management that the owner can stay in constant contact with his staff and employees, and he is able to do that to ensure the highest level of service. It is important to know that we really do care if you return for future service. Our viability as an independent depends on our clients happiness.

What Are The Benefits Of Coming To Excluservice Vs. The Dealer?
Once again there are many, so I will focus on the most important. Most Dealerships are designed to sell expensive automobiles. To do that they have to have a certain level of service, plenty of space, property and interior accoutrements. This is added to the overhead needed to operate that business. This overhead is paid for by the client and, charged as an hourly rate and parts pricing. One of the single biggest fixed expenses a dealership has is its location and property. While I think you will agree that the local BMW Dealerships are very nice, centrally located and aesthetically pleasing, it is the customer who pay for these amenities. With Excluservice, you get a centrally located facility that is also aesthetically pleasing, and we more affordable than the dealership.
Do You Use Oe(original Equipment) Parts?
We use the best parts available for each repair. Like all manufacturers, the BMW and Mini spec parts are based on the contracts they have with their suppliers. These parts are specifically based on the vendor’s ability to provide the proper quantities, specifications and price in the manufacturing and in the service process as required, while still in the warranty and all service included (BMW and Mini) period. In many cases that particular part may not be the “best part” based on real-world conditions. Since we are not under any vehicle manufacturer umbrella and we are not bound by these manufacturer-to-dealer vendor contracts, we can provide you the best parts. This is a benefit to our clients because we purchase based on quality only and price does not factor in to our choice. Replacing a failed part very frustrating, therefore, when your vehicle is serviced at Excluservice, we want to replace parts with the best parts available.
What Sort Of Warranty Do You Have On Parts And Labor?

We warranty all work that we perform, which includes all parts and labor! Most items are covered under our 3 year 36k mile Warranty*. As of January 1st 2017 Many of our items also have a Lifetime Warranty*

*Some limitations apply. This does not include wearable items including but not limited to brakes, belts, Tires,hoses… ask advisor for details on the specific part being installed. Mileage and time coverage are based on whichever expire first. All warranties are void if vehicle is driven on track.

Do You Have Dealer Level Diagnostics And Tools?

Yes. Modern automotive service has become very specialized because of the complexity of the vehicles that each manufacturer builds. The equipment required to properly diagnose and service is very expensive. From the beginning, we wanted to be the best we could be. It is that line of thinking that lead us to specialize so that we could afford the right equipment we needed to accomplish that goal. Excluservice has dealer level diagnostic equipment (which includes programming and coding) for BMW and Mini. It is an extensive financial commitment that must be made, but without dealer level tools we truly would not be able to call ourselves specialist.

What sort of qualifications do your technicians have to work on the models you specialize in?

All of our techs have previous dealership experience so their foundation of knowledge and experience started with factory training. Click Here for More Details.

Will You Work With My Warranty Company?

Yes. We will work with most aftermarket warranty companies. Click Here for More Details.

Will You Install My Parts?

No. Because we are unable to provide a warranty on the parts that we do not provide we will not install them. Click Here for Details.

What Is Your Labor Rate?

Our Labor rate varies on the complexity of the job. Click Here for Details.

Will You Give Me An Estimate Over The Phone?

This is a long question to answer? Click Here for Details.

What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?
Do You Provide Loaner Vehicles?
Yes, we do have loaner vehicles available for authorized repairs. Please click here for more details!
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