Accurate European Auto Repair Estimate Requests

Excluservice is often placed at the top of google rankings because of our history and our excellent reputation verifiable by the reviews from so many of our great clients. This means we are often a first or second call for customers who are looking for assistance. While this is great, we also get overwhelmed by a lot of phone calls for folks wanting to get estimates or quotes for certain jobs. We really want to help you. There are several reasons why we will not provide estimates or quotes over the phone. We are writing this for the public to see in the spirit of transparency.

Accuracy of estimate. It is very important for us to provide an accurate estimate of repairs to you for your vehicle. The only way we can provide an accurate estimate is to have one of our certified technicians inspect your vehicle and in some cases diagnose the problem. Even with the VIN number some manufacturers will have multiple options for the same part. Some cars have rust or corrosion which needs to be factored in. Some cars may have aftermarket wiring or undercarriage or strut tower braces.

Accuracy of diagnostics. Often we’ve had customers bring us a diagnostics report from another repair shop or even the dealership. We’ve simply been burned too many times so we will not provide a quote or estimate based on anyone else’s diagnostics. We will also not repair/replace any component without our own technicians doing the diagnostics. What happens when we replace the alternator but the symptom you were experiencing is still existing after we replace the alternator? We’ve been down that path way too many times in the past and are no longer interested in discovering how it will end.

Price shopping. If we are laying out all of the cards on the table we will not engage in a race to the bottom. As a European specialty shop we are usually a little less expensive than the dealerships but higher than your local general repair independent. We provide a better value than the dealers with a better warranty and have dealer level tools and trained technicians. Our business model is relationship based not transactionally based. Those that are only interested in price do not end up being good clients and therefore it would behoove both parties to not engage in a business relationship. At the end of the day not everyone is a good fit. Just like there are hotels and restaurants that cater to a certain target clientele we are no different.

Shop Productivity: Our estimates are generated by our excellent technicians upon inspection of your vehicle. In order for us to generate an estimate request for a car that is not here, we would have to have the technicians stop the work they are doing on a car, look up the labor charges, look up the parts they will need, our parts specialist would then have to stop working on estimates for cars that are already in the building. Unfortunately there just isn’t the time available to do this without interrupting or delaying repairs to customers whose vehicles are already here and who need their vehicles back.

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