Job Opportunities For Service Advisor

Excluservice is always accepting resume’s and applications for the following positions.

Service Advisor:


Job Purpose: Promote Excluservice standards for superior customer, employee and retail facility management; acts as liaison by representing the facility to service customers.

Job Duties:

Establish working relationship with the customer by determining and verifying customer’s service needs and recording them along with current vehicle and customer information (phone numbers, i.e. home, office, fax, pager & cellular phone), on the repair order. Verify location of customer so that no work starts without customer approval.

Promote the sales of appropriate services, parts, and accessories by accurately identifying the customer’s service needs and by thoroughly understanding the BMW product and service lines. Solicit customers for service work and advise Sales Department of prospects.

Ensure the repair order is accurate and complete by reviewing all copies, including supporting documentation. Inspect the vehicle and apply proper tools and resources to accurately identify customer service needs, so the number of comebacks related to improper repair orders is less than one percent of repair orders written.

Coordinate with the Service Manager, Shop Dispatcher or other service personnel and communicate with customers and technicians regarding repair work. Determine time of completion. Deliver or send vehicle to technician and indicate time promised for delivery.

Ensure requested vehicle repairs and services are performed correctly upon completion by inspecting the vehicle prior to delivery back to customer; advise customer of early or late delivery, or of additional repairs. Ensure personal and active delivery of vehicle to customer when work is completed.


Excellent verbal/written communication and organization skills.

Working knowledge or trainable in automotive retail center computer systems, (ADP computer system preferred, as well as proficiency in the use of Excel and Word programs)

Technically knowledgeable, experienced, or trainable on BMW product line.

Outgoing and patient personality with good customer relations ability.

Professional personal appearance.

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