What is Your Labor Rate?

What Is Your Labor Rate?

We get the phone call often about how much our labor rate is and frankly when price shopping it is completely irrelevant. You have to look at what is the total job going to cost out the door, including all taxes and associated fees.

One shop may charge a lower per hour labor rate but will charge 50% more labor time to complete the same job, thus a lower labor rate shop will charge you more for the same job.

Our Labor Rate changes based on the complexity of the job, the longer a job takes the more experienced and therefore more expensive that technician is.

For example, we do not charge the same labor rate to install tires or change oil as we would if we had to re-program your on-board computer or rebuild a cylinder head. This is much like any law or accounting practice. An associates billing rate is much less than that of a senior partner.

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