Our European Auto Specialists Qualifications

What Sort Of Qualifications Do Your Technicians Have To Work On The Models You Specialize In?

All of our techs have previous dealership experience so their foundation of knowledge and experience started with factory training. We employ two former dealer Master Techs, which means they were senior technicians when they were employed by the dealership. For continuing education, we utilize several different organizations such as www.bimrs.org that specialize in training independent specialized techs. These classes are all taught by former and/or current dealer/manufacturer training and provide dealer or manufacturer level training to the independents like ourselves. We also dedicate a portion of our budget annually, not only to this training but also to peripherals, manufacturer websites, parts programs, professional forums and message boards to stay on top the latest bulletins and repair information available.

Additionally most our technicians are www.ase.com certified, and have been with us for a very long time. We pride ourselves on a solid foundation of good people to keep our customers coming back.

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