Volkswagen is one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry with people across the globe vouching for its performance and advanced features. However, issues with the working of the oxygen sensor or O2 sensor as it is popularly called can completely derail the smooth functioning of the engine.

There are several ways a damaged O2 sensor can affect the engine of your VW and it is pertinent for you to know about the problems. Let us have a look at the impact of a failing O2 sensor on your Volkswagen’s engine.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

One of the primary problems with a faulty oxygen sensor in your Volkswagen is that it’s tied to the fuel economy of your car. The O2 sensor is responsible for monitoring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases and this data is used by the engine control unit to adjust the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Now, when the sensor sends erroneous data to the ECU then it lets in too much fuel to flow into the engine completely disturbing the air-fuel ratio of your vehicle. This causes rich running of your vehicle as the engine burns more fuel than necessary to compensate for the power output.

This increase in consumption of fuel not only adversely affects the fuel economy of your vehicle but also increases the emissions from your car.

Overheated Engine

Another problem in your vehicle that you are going to face due to a bad O2 sensor under the hood of your car is related to the functioning of the engine. As the malfunctioning O2 sensor adversely affects the combustion process and remains incomplete, this ultimately leads to excess heat being produced by the engine.

The cooling system of your vehicle fails to take care of the engine under these circumstances as the heat generated is too high for the cooling system to tackle successfully and this causes overheating of the engine. You will see the temperature gauge rise to dangerous levels on your dashboard.

Now, the abnormal rise in temperature of your engine can take a toll on the crucial components of your car & you might have to deal with warped components or damaged gaskets and in the worst case complete engine failure leading to inflated repair bills.

Misfiring Engine

Often all the drivers including the Volkswagen ones dread facing engine problems because it not only drastically affects the performance of your car but also can leave you stranded in the middle of the road. Now, driving with a malfunctioning O2 sensor in your vehicle can get you into this sticky situation in the form of engine misfires.

An engine misfire is a serious issue that should never be ignored because it affects every aspect of your engine from performance to fuel efficiency everything gets affected. Even the components that are linked to the engine of your car like spark plugs & the catalytic converter could bear the brunt of engine misfire.

Failed Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter plays a critical role in controlling the emission of harmful pollutants from your car. The efficient functioning of the catalytic converter is largely dependent on the working of the O2 sensor. However, when the O2 sensor fails abruptly it affects the functioning of the catalytic converter eventually.

Due to the failure of the O2 sensor, the engine goes through continuous cycles of lean and rich air/fuel mixture and this creates problems in the functioning of the catalytic converter. Most of the time the catalytic converter overheats due to the failed O2 sensor & if the problem goes unaddressed for a long time then it leads to catalytic converter failure.

Problems in Combustion Process

The O2 sensor is responsible for monitoring the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust gases and this information is used to adjust the air-fuel mixture by adjusting the flow of fuel to the engine any type of problem with the oxygen sensor can affect the combustion process in your car.

As the combustion process doesn’t get completed the fuel residues left behind stick to the other components like spark plugs and valves and this plays spoilsport for the combustion process of your vehicle.

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