If you drive a BMW, Mercedes, or any European vehicle, it’s like any other. It’s something that
takes you from point A to point B. You go to and from work in it, catch important meetings, or a
night on the town.

It’s also something that needs to be tuned up regularly. Excluservice is your tune up service in
Rockville, MD that focuses on European vehicles. Knowing when to get a vehicle tuned up is

So you don’t want to wait until you notice serious problems with your vehicle. Let’s take a look at
when you might need to schedule a tune up.

How often should you have a tune up?

On average, you should have your vehicle tuned up every 10000 to 12000 miles. The reason for
this is to ensure the best possible performance for your vehicle. Having an ASE-certified
mechanic near Washington, DC will be your best bet in getting the job done.

At Excluservice, you have European car specialists that understand your vehicle and have the
skills and tools to tune it up. We’ll also catch problems early before they become serious. Our
repair and parts are backed with a 3 year, 36000 mile nationwide warranty.

If you need repairs, you get a complimentary wash. Not only will it run good, but also look good.
It’s what a European car repair service near Potomac, MD can do for you.

What does a tune up usually entail?

Here are some things to expect from a car tune up:
● Inspection and replacement: Your vehicle will go through the usual inspection. Your
auto mechanic near Silver Spring, MD will check to see if it’s running properly while
paying attention to potential issues that can become serious. If needed, they’ll replace a

● Air filter replacement: Having your air filter replaced will keep the vehicle running
properly. Failure to replace this can lead to poor performance. That’s the last thing you
want when you are driving through Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area.

● Additional services: This will usually include tire rotation, oil change, or other small
tasks that can be done. While your vehicle is in the shop, you can use one of
Excluservice’s loaner vehicles or get a ride to and from the shop to wherever you need
to be.

Get your European vehicle tuned up now
If your Audi, Mercedes, or European vehicle needs a tune up, get it to Excluservice. We go
above and beyond for our customers and make sure that your vehicle is in good shape. If you
need time to pay, financing options are available.

A tune up done on a regular basis can save you time, money, and headaches. You want to
keep ahead of the vehicle issues that have doomed many vehicles. If you love your European
car, take good care of it.

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