On the surface this car looks pretty good, however, looks can be deceiving as we discovered.

When purchasing a used care always have a professional look it over before you buy the car. In the industry this is called a PPI. You might type “PPI Near me” or BMW PrePurchase Inspection Near Me” into your smart phone or “BMW Repair Near Me”.

This customer did just that and saved themselves from a very dangerous car and a potential nightmare to own. This vehicle appears to have some flood damage


previous incorrectly performed body repairs,


cracked rear floor pan where the subframe mounts to the body of the car.


This is the situation where you don’t walk away from the deal…you run! Run as fast as you can!

Once these items where discovered we stopped the inspection. Since we didn’t spend the allotted time the PPI entails we did not charge the customer the full price for the PPI. We feel this would simply not be fair to the customer. This is another example on how our focus is on Customer Service.

A wise man once said “You’ll never regret doing the right thing” This sign is posted inside the shop as a reminder to everyone that we are in the people business. Our business just happens to be working on cars.

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