Excluservice has met two kinds of people who need their oil changed. The first is the chronic worrier. This
person gets their oil changed once a month. This is not the worst thing a person could be doing to their car,
obviously, but what is not so great is what they do to themselves by worrying so much.
The other kind of person gets their oil changed once in a lifetime. They might be young, lazy, or just not
interested in taking care of their car. This type of person can be reasoned with, but it is an uphill battle against
their desire to turn their attention elsewhere and do other things.
Do you want to know the kind of person Excluservice never really sees? A person who gets their oil changed at exactly the right time. That would be a rare treat, and so we have put together this guide to help you.

• If It has been 5,000 Miles or More Since Your Last Oil Change

This is the easiest way to tell if you need an oil change. In general, this is the best way to maintain your car
since it means that you are keeping track of it without having to get super educated on the exact inner
workings of the car are. Rather than learn all that, just trust in the number.  The reason this is a good idea is that this number is not pulled out of thin air but decided on by the people who built the car. Not everyone trusts the word of the “experts” that car manufacturers tell you to trust but remember: The people who built the car and the people who sold the car are both very different people.

• If There is a Burning Smell in Your Car’s Cabin

This sign will probably not escape you, and you will probably be able to surmise that it means trouble. Just what kind of trouble, however, is not always clear. The engines of cars are always exploding, the bodies of cars are always sitting under the heat, and the tires of cars are burning rubber on the road. Which smell is which? This smell will smell like a propane grill has been left on. As with that smell, this smell is also toxic, although you would have to breathe it in for a while for it to pose any danger to you. Get it sorted out by changing your oil quickly and you should be fine. Do not wait for things to get worse than this smell though.

• If Your Engine is Making Strange Noises

This is another one that you will surely notice but can be unsure of the cause. The noises to be on the lookout
for here are noises of grinding or straining. In particular, you will hear these noises when slowing down and
speeding up. They might be accompanied by a shudder in your steering wheel, but not always.
The reason for this is that this noise is the noise of your engine working against itself to speed up and slow
down. Oil allows the components of the engine to glide over each other, but once that oil is dry those same parts will instead grind against each other.

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