What people do not get about car batteries is that they could die at any time. BMW, Volvo, Audi, no matter which you have, no one is immune. It can happen ten years into owning your car, or it can happen right after. You cannot predict it, and you do not need to. What you need is a plan for when the inevitable happens.

When the battery malfunctions on your BMW, or on any European car, Excluservice has the expertise to help you diagnose the problem. Not only that, we will help you fix it. We even provide transportation service to get you to our store, until the time when your car’s problems are addressed.

What Causes Batteries to Drain in European Cars?

The extended features of European cars mean that there are lots of possibilities for what might be affecting the battery, although there is always only one solution. The first thing a mechanic should look for is the most obvious solution to the problem: Is the battery old enough that it should be dead?

If it is not, the next possibility is aftermarket add-ons like DVD players. These are uncommon in European cars though, since most people who get into European cars are looking for either performance or style, or both.

This means that the more likely culprit is the alternator. The alternator is the mechanism that brings energy from the battery to the engine of the car. It then gathers energy created by the movement of the car and sends it back to the battery. Without alternators, cars would not have the energy to run more than once.

The thing about alternators is that they age at their own rate independent of car batteries. That means that even if your battery is brand new if your alternator is old then it can ruin your new battery. Issues with car batteries themselves are the most frequent problem with European Cars, but this is the close runner-up.

What to do Before Calling Excluservice

Excluservice will diagnose and treat your European Car’s car battery troubles quickly and easily. But if you want to help us along, or if you want to understand what is going on with your car, here are some things you can do to help both us and yourself.

First, try giving your battery a jump. Use jumper cables attached to a running car to charge your own car’s battery while your car is turned off. If everything is normal afterward, then your car’s battery was just low. This sometimes happens from just leaving the headlights on, or from some electronics not turning off.

If you jump your European car’s battery and it still will not start, then it is likely an alternator problem. This is a problem Excluservice will have to solve, as changing an alternator is no easy feat. If you have any questions or need any help, call us at (301) 756-5757. We are always willing to help.

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