Your European vehicle has a few things it needs to be at least checked on a regular basis. Between oil changes, brakes, tire pressure, fluid levels, and filters. Your vehicle’s filters are probably not top of mind, but that doesn’t dismiss their importance. Excluservice is there to help keep your BMW, Mercedes, or Audi working great though we do fix many more European made models.

Oil Filter
The oil filter is an important engine part. Your European vehicle can build up metallic pieces, dirt, and other debris that can get inside the engine and find their way into the fast moving parts that make your engine work. Your oil filter prevents these parts from ever reaching your engine and makes your oil last longer and your car perform better. Excluservice can help here. Does your vehicle feel sluggish or loud? Could be an issue with the oil filter releasing dirty oil. We can inspect your vehicle and find out the cause your problems, and potentially replace the filter.

Cabin Filter
Ever smelled something a bit funky in your vehicle? The cabin filter might need replacing – and your car might need cleaning anyway. The cabin filter cleans the air coming into your cabin. Your vehicle takes in outside air both to combust in the engine and to provide for breathing. If your car smells strange, definitely bring it to us at Excluservice and we’ll see if the cabin air filter is the cause. Our ASE Certified technicians will get to the problem right away and let you know what you can do.

Fuel Filter
Like your engine filter, only for your fuel. You’ll also notice with the fuel filter that your European vehicle may not perform as well, and may even be hard to start, with a bad fuel filter. The fuel filter helps remove harmful particles like rust and dirt from entering your engine while carrying fresh, clean fuel. Come to Excluservice and get yours changed.

Air Filter
You may already know that a good running engine needs clean fuel and clean air to run. The air filter provides a flow of good of particle free air to keep gunk and harmful debris out of the innermost parts of your vehicle. Excluservice can show you your dirty air filter and compare it to a new, clean one so you can see what your vehicle is taking in.

About Us
We are located at 12224 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD, 20852. Excluservice is family owned by Stephane Grabina. Stephane wants your family and you to keep moving when your vehicle is in the shop, so we offer both rental vehicles and a shuttle to get you around while you wait. We also service most vehicles same day. We also offer a generous 3 year 36,000 mile warranty on all our parts and services so you have peace of mind. Feel free to call us to make an appointment at (301) 756-5757. We will be happy to see you and help maintain your European vehicle.

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