Winter is fast approaching. Your European vehicle can still be useful. But the real question is: will it be ready?

Excluservice, your European car care shop in Rockville, MD provides you with the following guide on how you can prepare your vehicle for the winter weather conditions. Yes, it does get cold in the DMV (and sometimes it snows).

Your vehicle may not be equipped with the right kind of setup. But leave it to the ASE-certified technicians near Washington, DC to help you out. Let’s take a look now at how you can prepare your European vehicle for winter now.

  • Make sure your tires are good

Your tires can still lose pressure due to temperature fluctuation. When the weather gets colder, it may lose a bit more. You may need to rotate your tires so they can last a long time.

If you have to continue your commute to and from Silver Spring, MD this winter, your tires should be in good shape. They may also need to be replaced if you are losing a bit more pressure or grip.

Excluservice will replace your tires, if needed. These and the high quality parts we install come with a three year, 36000 mile nationwide warranty. With qualifying repairs, you also get a complimentary wash.

If money is an issue, financing options are available. We treat you well here and want to keep it that way.

  • Check your heater

The heater is your best friend in the winter time. So be sure to test it out to see if it’s blowing out warm air. If it isn’t it can be due to a variety of problems. But a mechanic near Bethesda, MD won’t be able to pinpoint it without you bringing it in.

Excluservice will go under the hood to check the problem. Meanwhile, you can use a free loaner car. Or you can get free rides to and from the shop, if needed.

  • Make sure your battery is charged

A battery can handle cold weather. But it can be a challenge. You may lose a little more juice than normal.

Even if you aren’t using your vehicle as much, make sure it’s on a charger. This way, the battery doesn’t lose power even if you’re not driving as much. You may need your car for longer drives so make sure your battery still works.

If it’s old, you will need to replace it. And Excluservice has European vehicle specialists that can help.

Is your European car ready for winter? Come see us

A European car may not withstand the winter months if it’s not properly prepared. It’s important that you come see a mechanic that will inspect your vehicle from top to bottom. Excluservice will make sure everything is in good shape before the weather gets colder.

Don’t wait any longer than you have to. Stop by our shop at 12224 Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD 20852 or call us at 301-231-1909 for any questions or additional information.

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