You bought a European vehicle like a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes and want the best possible car for your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is running just fine or you’ve noticed it slipping gears a bit while traveling, bring it to us at Excluservice for your car repair and transmission needs.

Excluservice offers expertise on your European vehicle and specializes in transmissions in the Rockville, Maryland area. Our knowledge is sought after bringing customers from Washington DC and Potomac for their vehicle’s needs too.

The Heart of Your Vehicle

Amongst the moving parts like your engine and wheels, your transmission effectively makes your vehicle go when you push on the gas pedal. A bad transmission can literally make your vehicle stop in its tracks as it transfers power from your engine to your drivetrain. Do you notice issues like your vehicle hesitating, grinding, or otherwise making odd sounds when trying to shift? Bring your vehicle to us at Excluservice right away and we will diagnose and repair your issue.

Automatic or Manual?

Both automatic and manual transmissions are great to enhance your driving experience. Automatic and manuals both need work from time to time as clutches wear out on automatic and manual vehicles. You might smell burning or hear a strange noise when trying to shift.

Why bring your vehicle to Excluservice for transmission needs? Dealers charge an arm and a leg for transmission service and car repair, and aren’t always experts at European transmission specifics.

We at Excluservice typically offer faster service for less money and more expertise. That’s a great combo to keep you living your life easier while freeing you from worrying about the future of your bank account and favorite vehicle.


Most of your important components carry fluids to cool or lubricate and the transmission is no different. The transmission needs a steady supply of special fluid to maintain the ability to move your vehicle forward. You might notice a reddish liquid dripping from the front of your vehicle. When you do, bring it in to us at Excluservice right away.

We will get your vehicle on the lift and find and fix the issue, all while communicating effectively with you about the next steps.

What Makes Us Different

We at Excluservice offer loaner cars and rides to work and home on qualifying repairs, as well as a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on our parts. Financing options when you would rather make payments on a major repair.  Many of our repairs are done same day too so you can move along with ease.

To get started, consider giving us a call at (301) 756-5757 to make an appointment or stop in to our shop at 12224 Parklawn Dr. Rockville, MD 20852. We are a family owned and operated business and offer the best service possible without making your wallet too light. Excluservice even offers a complimentary wash with some repairs to make your European vehicle looking extra sharp without paying for an extra car wash.

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