Vehicles with the BMW brand were once a lot of people’s favorite kind of cars, which has made them a very popular choice that you see frequently. They make excellent cars, but something you might want to keep in mind is that BMWs have some common issues, so you’ll want to make sure you are working with the right people when you encounter one of those problems.


Fortunately, Excluservice has got your back! We specialize in European cars and provide a lot of services to make working with us a lot easier and much more advantageous to you. You can use a loaner car while your vehicle is being worked on. If that isn’t your style, you can get a ride to or from our shop, or have your vehicle picked up and delivered when the work is done. If the repairs are expensive, don’t worry, we have financing options available. You can contact us about having work done on your vehicle at (301) 231-1909.


Vibrating Steering Wheel When Using the Brakes

One of the most common problems with BMW vehicles is that the steering wheel will vibrate violently when you use the brakes to slow the car. This is a problem that will get worse over time and is a sign that your vehicle is having a malfunction. You should have this kind of problem looked at immediately by a professional if you notice it happening so you can catch it as early as possible and keep the repair and maintenance costs low.


Leaking Vehicle Fluids

There are some fluid leak issues with BMWs. They often have oil leaking problems, which can cause damage to the vehicle if they happen in the wrong place, not to mention that not having oil in your car is a problem already. You might also notice your steering wheel becoming stiff. This is likely because your power-steering fluid is leaking, which is making it much harder to turn the wheel.


Another vehicle fluid that leaks is the coolant, which you will likely notice by smoke coming from your exhaust. The smoke is usually white, which is how you know the problem is caused by coolant leaking and not another issue. Fortunately, you can bring your BMW to us at any time when you notice these problems and we’ll know exactly how to take care of it for you and get you back on the road in no time!


Electrical Complications


An extremely common issue with BMWs is their electronics, which refers to things like your air conditioning system or your window wipers. BMWs commonly exhibit malfunctions in these vehicle systems or they become entirely inoperable over time. You should keep an eye on these things even if you rarely use them to make sure you know when they have had a problem and can get them fixed as soon as possible.


Inoperable Windows


A bit similar to the electrical issues, you may notice that your windows become harder to operate in your BMW over time. They will begin to slow down over time and may even get stuck sometimes until eventually they are completely stuck and can’t be moved anymore. This can either be caused by a problem with the electronics, or it might actually be an issue with the window system itself. No matter what is wrong, we can take care of it!


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