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BMW Engine Oil Leaks.

BMW Engine Oil Leaks.

BMW N.A.  Announced in Late October several recalls affecting approximately 170k vehicles.  If you received this notice, call your local BMW center to have the recall performed.  When they perform the recall they will most likely look over your vehicle in the hopes to sell you some maintenance or repairs, while it may be tempting to just "let them do it" hold off.  Best advice I can provide is to get a 2nd opinion on their recommendations.  With the Takata airbag recalls we got inundated with phone calls requesting estimates for this that and the other.  In a large number of those cases we would invite those customer to just bring the car in and let us take a look at it.  Every car is going to leak oil from some gasket at some point in time, the question is how bad is the leak?  Is it just seeping or wet around the gasket? Is it actively wet and starting to stream down the side? Is it pouring out? There are three reasons why a leak need ... read more

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