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Mini Cooper Clutch

Here’s a video demonstrating the internal operation of a clutch assembly, flywheel and how it connects to the engine and transmission

BMW Cabin Filter for E38 740i

When was the last time you checked your Cabin Filter. Did you know that some modern BMWs may have two sets of Cabin Filters? There’s the ones that filter the outside air and there are the ones that filter the air from inside the cabin when you select the recirculated air button. Want to learn more about this: Go into your smartphone and type “BMW Repair Near Me” or “BMW Repair Montgomery County” or “BMW Repair Potomac” #BMW #E38 #CabinFilter

Why it’s important to perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Why it’s important to perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection

On the surface this car looks pretty good, however, looks can be deceiving as we discovered. When purchasing a used care always have a professional look it over before you buy the car. In the industry this is called a PPI. You might type “PPI Near me” or BMW PrePurchase Inspection Near Me” into your smart phone or “BMW Repair Near Me”. This customer did just that and saved themselves from a very dangerous car and a potential nightmare to own. This vehicle appears to have some flood damage previous incorrectly performed body repairs, cracked rear floor pan where the subframe mounts to the body of the car ... read more

Dinan Engineering Products Now Available at Excluservice!

“ With Dinan’s latest work of art, he has not only fixed a car that wasn’t broken but also sought to perfect a car that everyone considers to be as close to perfection as humanly possible…” -Car and Driver Why Dinan? At Dinan their passion for BMWs is evident in their dedication to designing and producing the most innovative and performance driven BMW products on the market. Serious enthusiasts turn to Dinan because they appreciate their ability to make BMW performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. When customers want performance they turn to Dinan first: if there is a specific BMW upgrade that you have in mind, chances are they can do it. With 35 years of experience working with BMWs, their engineers are trained to find ways of getting the best out of each BMW that comes into the market. They operate with the understanding that BMW owners view their cars as more than just cars. BMW has a long, rich history that perpetuates a s ... read more

How Excluservice Helped Me Get to 421,000 Miles!

Ward has been coming to Excluservice for almost 2o years and says, “It is the only place that I will allow to work on my BMWs.” He is the proud owner of a 318ti and a Z3 “Clown Shoe” Coupe. Through careful maintenance and service, we’ve helped him get his 318ti to 421,000 miles, and his Z3 to over 160,000. Are you looking for a BMW repair shop to help you extend the life of your vehicle? Call Excluservice or click here to contact us online!

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